All about me

My name is Abbie. I am a student from England in the midst of my studies of International Politics/Philosophy. The reason i created this blog, is quite a funny one actually- I tend to get myself into trouble. I am that person on your facebook feed spewing political, social and economic opinions regarding just about everything from the Presidential Election to PETA. While I think it is incredibly important for people, particularly young people, to obtain views and values regarding these issues, im also aware that some people didn’t sign up to social media for a daily lecture on the economic crisis. Im also fully aware that here, i am open to an audience that may actually want to read what i write instead of scrolling past thinking ‘Bloody hell, does she ever shut up?’.

Therefore this blog will act as a place where i can write all the left-wing, socialist, egalitarian crap that i want to, without subjecting my followers and friends to 2am rants about Donald Trump’s foreign policies. Here I am free to talk about what I want, when I want and how I want. And yes you guessed it, im a lefty 😉